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Islam In the public sphere

14 May 2015

Editors: Winfried Weck, Noorhaidi Hasan, Irfan Abubakar
Synopsis: The symbols of Islam have become more prominent  in modern Indonesia’s increasingly democratic public sphere. Expressions and orientations of Islam appear in a variety of forms.

Beyond its ideological and political facet, Islam colors the public sphere through cultural symbols: head scarves, television soap opera, the cinema, works if literature, and Islamic books. The expansion of Islam in parallel with the process of democratization may at first glance appear paradoxical. However, on closer study, it is precisely democracy it self which makes the prominence of Islamic symbols possible. The result of this research send a positive signal that the recent prominence of Islamic symbols appearing in the public sphere is not a threat to democracy and the future of pluralism in Indonesia. In fact 80.1 percent of Muslim in this country have moderate, cultural and pluralist leanings, and are able to adapt to the development of modern social and economic dynamics. An insistent challenge, however, comes, comes from the 19.9 per cent of Muslims whose orientation favours ideological Islam

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